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solo, duo, and band

Solo shows


The 2010s saw Seth playing in acts ranging from jazz and classical music, to pop, rock, gospel and funk bands. A skilled singer, and an award winning guitar player, Seth began operating as a solo artist in 2020. Seth puts an emphasis on relatable and professional performances, engaging with audience requests and banter in a fun and friendly way.

duo shows

Seth James and Titus Baumgart Earl Blueberry Duo

The Seth James Duo adds Seth's brother Titus on percussion and vocals for a different sound. Between tight grooves and two part vocal harmonies, the Seth James Duo provides a wonderful evening of entertainment.

band shows


Seth is joined by bassist Gabriel and drummer Titus to form The Seth James Band.

Friends and bandmates since high school, the team of musicians cover a wide range of music. Pop, Oldies, Funk, Rock and many shades in between.

Powerful harmonies, tight grooves and a pinch of on-stage banter mean The Seth James Band is ready to deliver a fun night of music to any venue.

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